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A brief introduction to the related knowledge of the high-voltage circuit breaker motor

Oct 24, 2017

The high-voltage circuit breaker motor will be used on the closing and opening. For the principle of energy storage on the motor of the high-voltage circuit breaker, the energy storage mode of the high-voltage circuit breaker motor includes two kinds, including manual energy storage and motor energy storage.

The ultimate purpose of energy storage of the high-voltage circuit breaker motor is to draw the spring and store the energy in the spring. The manual energy storage will be used in the maintenance time, or in emergency situations when there is no control of the power supply.

The closing mechanism of the circuit breaker is a kind of breaker closing mechanism is a kind of tripping mechanism, which will need the mechanism to provide enough operation energy. The energy storage mechanism will keep the spring energy ( stretching or compression ) stable at a dead point before closing. When the closing mechanism is on, the energy storage mechanism can release the dead point and release the spring energy quickly.

When the high-voltage circuit breaker motor is closing, it will store the energy for the opening spring. When the opening mechanism is dropping out, the opening is completed.

Finally, when it comes to the energy storage of the high-voltage circuit breaker motor, the circuit breaker with auto reclosing will be used to store energy after the closing ( the energy storage spring has been released ). In this way, the fast reclosing function is completed directly.

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