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Advantages and application fields of planetary gear reduction motor

Nov 22, 2018

The planetary gear reduction motor provides a high cost performance to a certain extent. It is very widely used. The whole equipment is very economical and practical, and has a long service life. It plays a good servo rigidity effect and is accurate in the application of servo control. Positioning control, with low and medium backlash, high efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth running, low noise, etc. on the running platform, the appearance and structure design is light and small.


Planetary geared motors use life-long, non-replaceable lubricants that are designed to be service-free and fully enclosed, regardless of where they are installed, and have IP65 protection, so they can be used in poor working conditions. Industry robots, and automated electromechanical products industry.

The advantage of the planetary gear reduction motor is that the structure is relatively compact, the backlash is small, the precision is high, the service life is long, and the rated output torque can be made very large. Widely used in industrial fields with medium precision. Such as: printing machine tools, flame cutting, laser cutting, CNC machine tools, tool machinery, food packaging, automation industry. Yuhangtai, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, robots, robots, communication equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, printing equipment, packaging machinery, textiles Machinery, CNC machine tools, CNC pipe bending machines, parking equipment, measuring equipment, working machines, precision monitoring systems, vehicle industry, automatic control systems and other industries.