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Advantages and operational requirements of Spring operating mechanism with motor

Mar 30, 2019

The Spring operating mechanism with motor  to perform the closing and opening control of the energy stored by the spring stretching and contracting. The storage of the spring energy is transmitted by the energy storage motor, and the closing and opening operations are Controlled by the closing and opening coils. Since the energy of the closing and opening depends on the spring force of the spring rather than the electromagnetic force. 

Advantages of the motor for the spring operating mechanism

1. The current of the closing and opening is not large, and the capacity of the power supply is not required.


2. The motor of the spring operating mechanism can be used for remote electric energy storage, electric closing and opening, or manual energy storage on the spot, manual closing and opening. Therefore, manual and combined operation can be performed when the DC power supply disappears. This is better than the electromagnetic operating mechanism.

3. Fast action and fast auto-reclosing.

The spring operating mechanism uses the spring to provide energy. The tripping coil only provides energy to pull out the positioning pin of the spring, so the tripping current is generally not large. The spring energy storage compresses the spring energy through the energy storage motor. For the bounce, the closing busbar mainly supplies power to the energy storage motor, and the current is not large, so the difference between the mother and the mother is not too big. The closing spring and the trip spring are independent, the energy storage generally only stores energy for the closing spring, and the trip spring generally relies on the closing action of the circuit breaker to store energy. In the closing circuit, there is a switch energy storage contact in series, that is to say The switch cannot be closed if it is not stored.