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Application field and use coefficient of planetary gear reducer

Aug 16, 2018

From the practical application, the planetary gear motor can be directly installed on AC and DC servo motors. It is widely used in industrial fields with medium precision, including printing machine tools, flame cutting, laser cutting, CNC machine tools, and tool machinery. Food packaging and automation industries.


In addition, planetary geared motors are widely used in aerospace, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, printing equipment, precision monitoring systems, vehicle industry and automatic control systems. When calculating the torque of the geared motor, its value is equal to 9550 × motor power ÷ motor input speed × speed ratio × usage factor. The motor power unit is Kw, the motor speed unit is r/m, and the output torque unit is N•m.


The so-called planetary gear reduction motor usage factor refers to the ratio of motor power to equipment power. In practical applications, it is necessary to select coefficients according to the situation. Under normal circumstances, if the running smooth impact is not large, the use factor is not less than 1.2; if there is no impact, the operation is stable as long as it is not less than one to meet the requirements.