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Automotive chassis DC geared motors are widely used

Aug 18, 2018

With the development of electronic technology, automotive chassis DC geared motors have also been widely used. In particular, the application of small motors in automobiles is more common, and the number of applications for motors is also increasing. As a small electric motor and actuator for automotive electrical equipment, the use of automotive chassis DC geared motors has grown rapidly every year, and automobiles have become one of the main applications of small motors.


In the process of increasing market demand for automotive chassis DC geared motors, the technology of the motor is also constantly improving. In general, the reasons for the rapid growth of demand for this product mainly include three aspects: 1. A large number of new institutions and new equipment are used; 2. Auto parts are driven and automated; 3. Some new systems are designed to be driven by electric motors.


In fact, in the structural composition of the automobile chassis, the permanent application of the permanent magnet type DC motor or the permanent magnet type stepping motor is widely used. As motor technology is widely used in automobiles, small motors will be used more and more in automobiles.