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Basic maintenance of the motor

Oct 10, 2017

The wide range of motor applications, in order to ensure the normal work of the motor, in addition to the use of each specification, the operation of the process of attention to normal monitoring and maintenance, the need for regular inspection, do the basic maintenance of the motor.
Keep the motor clean, no dust, often check the appearance of the motor to see if there are parts dislocation, check the bearings to replace or refuel, but also check the incoming wiring.
If you want to carefully maintenance, then the motor is in continuous operation of the case, the daily maintenance is very important, the motor work, pay attention to the working environment, not in a state of too bumpy to prevent damage to the motor or to reduce the service life The But also for visual inspection, the fan is working properly, whether there is abnormal vibration, the base is fixed fastening, bearing work is normal, the temperature is normal, the current is normal, another winding motor must check the carbon brush and slip ring. If a particular aspect of the abnormal, must be handed over to professionals to deal with.

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