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Basic performance requirements for motor for vehicle chassis

Nov 03, 2018

The motor for vehicle chassis is within the allowable range, and the high voltage is used as much as possible, which can reduce the size of the motor and the size of the equipment such as wires, and in particular, can reduce the cost of the inverter. The speed of the induction motor used in the automobile chassis motor can reach 8 000-12000 r/min. The high-speed motor has a small volume and light weight, which is beneficial to reduce the quality of the equipment for loading.


The automobile chassis motor can reduce the quality of the motor by adopting an aluminum alloy casing, etc., and the materials of various control devices and cooling systems should also be made of lightweight materials as much as possible. Automotive chassis motors require high specific power and high efficiency over a wide range of speeds and torques to reduce vehicle weight and extend driving range, so comprehensive considerations need to be made to compare power, efficiency and cost. Optimize efficiency near the rated operating point.


The automobile chassis motor should have a large starting torque and a wide range of speed regulation performance to meet the power and torque required for starting, accelerating, driving, decelerating, braking and the like. The car chassis motor should have an automatic speed control function to reduce the driver's steering strength, improve driving comfort, and achieve the same control response as the internal combustion engine car accelerator pedal.


Automotive chassis motors should have high efficiency, low loss, and brake energy recovery when the vehicle is decelerating. The safety of the electrical system and the safety of the control system should meet the relevant standards and regulations; and it can work reliably under harsh conditions; it has high reliability, temperature and moisture resistance, and has low noise during operation and can be used in harsh conditions. Long-term work in the environment.