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Basic requirements and technical indicators of circuit breaker electric operating mechanism

Jun 04, 2019

The performance and quality of the circuit breaker electric operating mechanism will directly affect the working performance and reliability of the circuit breaker to a certain extent. The basic requirements for the operating mechanism of the high voltage circuit breaker during use are as follows:


1. The action is reliable and stable. The brake circuit breaker operating mechanism must be accurate and reliable after receiving the action command. The action time and the closing speed meet the nominal technical specifications of the circuit breaker.


2. Sufficient operating energy to meet the breaker breaking and closing. When the grid is in normal operation, it is relatively easy to open and close the circuit breaker. However, when the circuit with pre-short-circuit fault is closed, the circuit breaker may not be in place due to excessive electric power, which may cause serious burns to the contact. Therefore, the operating mechanism must have sufficient operation work to overcome the electric power. In order to enable the circuit breaker to complete the closing task quickly and reliably.


3. Keeping the explanation Because the duration of the closing command is very short during the closing process, and the operating force of the operating mechanism is only provided in a short time, the operating mechanism must have a part to keep the closing to ensure the closing After the command and operating force disappear, the circuit breaker remains in the closed position.