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Basic structure and performance characteristics of worm gear DC motor

Dec 13, 2018

The worm gear DC motor is a kind of power transmission mechanism. This product absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad during structural design. It adopts square aluminum alloy case, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation performance and easy maintenance. Moreover, the transmission module gear can be made of different materials according to the application scenario.

The worm gear DC motor includes three major structural parts: box, worm gear, bearing and shaft combination, modular design, overall closed structure design, maintenance-free function, compact structure and volumetric shape. Lightweight, small and efficient. The product is simple to install, flexible and convenient, and has excellent performance and easy maintenance.

In practical applications, the worm gear DC motor has stable performance, stable and reliable operation, low noise, durability and safe use. At present, it has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, transportation, water conservancy, chemical, food, beverage, textile, tobacco, packaging, environmental protection and other industries and fields of machinery and equipment mechanical deceleration devices, praised by users.