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Cause of circuit-breaker closing coil burning

Mar 24, 2017

Led circuit breaker closing coil burning for four main reasons:
Opening mechanical failure.
Coil circuit breaker tripping caused by loose electromagnet core shifted, jamming of the iron core, causing the coil burnt; or as a short tour of the iron core, and when switching the opening loop when core does not absolve the buckle body coil power for a long time, resulting in burning.
Stroke and the auxiliary switch contacts are improper adjustments.
Adjust circuit breaker parameters will change the initial state of the circuit-breaker opening, and the initial state of the auxiliary switch-off position is not adjusted accordingly, this switch will cause the switch to normal opening circuit, tripping coil burnt.
Protection and control failures.
Opening instructions are issued by the protection and control devices, device tripping relay fails, or opening larger auxiliary switch contact control circuit trips, resulting in closing does not exit in a timely manner, will make the opening coil live burn for a long time.
Tripping circuit resistance is too large.
Opening coil circuit insulation to reduce or control back to route large diameter too small result in resistance, scoring large brake control circuit voltage drop, voltage up to the coils break brake voltage value, closing coils charged burned for a long time.