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Characteristics of AC / DC Circuit Breakers and Related Troubleshooting

Jan 02, 2018

Circuit breaker AC and DC motor is also an optimized combination of mechanical reducer and electronic controller in the form of a series or DC motor and its precision gear structure. Circuit breaker AC and DC motor has a relatively strong common performance, followed by, in fact, we actually have to pay attention to the volume of the motor itself is also speaking is relatively small, then, on its own output torque is large, running It is also very reliable.


Furthermore, we actually noticed that the performance of AC / DC circuit breakers would be very stable with intelligent control and other related features, as well as high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage Electrical switches or circuit breaker host supporting, in terms of these points, we actually have to pay attention to its extent to a large extent that is widely used in different models of circuit breaker energy storage switch.


Of course, the circuit breaker AC-DC dual-purpose motor as a mechanical device, when it is in use, it is inevitable that there will be failure, in the face of its failure, it is certain to pay attention to the exclusion. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to unplug the brake socket (normally open brake). If the motor is running, that is, brake the fault, in terms of this point, that is, it should be to pay attention to replace the brake.


When the switch to the source 5V voltage is normal, which is to be careful to detect the turn signal voltage, turn the handle, in terms of its signal voltage, it should be 0.8 ~ 4.2V from low to high changes.


When the measured circuit breaker AC and DC motor voltage does not change, and less than 1V, in terms of this, we actually just have to pay attention to its turn the fault or turn the line short-circuit phenomenon. If the voltage is greater than 1V and changes in the normal time, pay attention to the detection circuit breaker AC and DC Hall signals (yellow, green and blue lines).