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Choose The Three Principles of DC Motor

Jun 09, 2017

Motor as a device to launch equipment, plays a particularly critical role, today Xiaobian teach you to choose the three principles of DC motor
1. Specifications selection
In the actual production, the DC motor product specifications are small, so the choice of product specifications can be considered: the power supply voltage adjustable occasions, according to the actual need to select the torque, speed and product corresponding to the rated value of the standard, by changing Voltage to get the required speed, the power supply voltage is fixed, if there is no appropriate specifications of the product available, you can press the torque to select the appropriate specifications, and the product voltage and speed can be adjusted between the appropriate.
2. The type of choice
Should be preferred to use cost-effective, low temperature of the DC motor.
3. Reasonable choice of power
DC motor output maximum power is limited, if the motor power selection is too small, the load exceeds the rated output power will be overloaded, overload will appear when the heat, vibration, speed down, abnormal sound and other phenomena, serious overload , Will burn the motor, and power is too large, it will cause economic waste, so a reasonable choice of motor power is very important.

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