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Circuit breaker motor advantages and application range

Mar 13, 2018

The circuit breaker motor can be manually controlled during the self-operating process. The connection contactor in the device can be controlled remotely. The protection of the motor is provided directly by the circuit breaker of the integrated thermal relay-electromagnetic device.

All the live parts in the circuit-breaker motor are protected. When used, the front panel cannot be directly touched by a finger. In use, an under-voltage trip module is provided so that the circuit breaker can be disconnected under the under-voltage condition. With shunt trip module, remote control can be used for disconnection of this component, and controllers for both open-mount and enclosed motor circuit breakers can be locked in the “N/C” position using 3 padlocks.

Circuit breaker motor product advantages

The circuit-breaker motor is compact and concise. The motor circuit breaker is only 45mm wide and is classified according to the control type, breaking capacity, motor protection components and accessories, and other different performance and functions.

Circuit breaker motor applications

The motor control and protection performance conforms to the standard and is easily installed on any device. It is fixed on the guide rails with screws or clamps.