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Circuit breaker storage energy storage problems

Dec 30, 2017

Circuit breaker energy storage motor in the storage time, first of all, in fact, we actually have to pay attention to the closing state when the energy storage indicator shows that the energy storage is completed, which means closing storage is completed, this point In other words, that is, for the next instantaneous closing can be prepared, so to a large extent that it will save the circuit breaker energy storage motor itself a storage time.


Moreover, some people said on the Internet circuit breaker storage motor equipment in the time of opening the door without springs, in terms of this point, that is, will be more one-sided. The same circuit breaker internal mechanical design is not the case, that is not the same, there is a lot of that is not required to open the spring, the mechanism itself can be opened by tripping the static and dynamic contact, and some also need to sub-gate Spring Popular terms, that is, pay attention to different brands of circuit breakers that should be to pay attention to their own institutions.


Next, we actually need to be aware that even if the brake reservoir on the circuit-breaker energy-storage motor is finished, the reason is that the circuit breaker allows for automatic reclosure. The reason for this is that in most cases, short-circuit faults, such as overhead lines, are temporary, and there is no insulation hazard on circuit breakers and lines. In this case, fast recovery of power supply is required.


In the above sense, the continuity of the power supply is, to a large extent, guaranteed directly to the extent that it would, to a large extent, reduce the risk of power failure To the loss.


Finally, the circuit breaker storage motor in use, when its spring energy storage is not able to maintain the state of fatigue on the stretch. In this case, we actually need to pay attention to what it affirmatively, that is, there will be fatigue phenomenon. However, the manufacturer of circuit breaker storage motor must pay attention to verify the spring performance and pass the aging test.