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Classification of DC Motors

Aug 03, 2017

What is a DC motor? As the name suggests is the DC power into mechanical energy or will be the name suggests is the DC power into mechanical energy or mechanical energy into DC power of the rotating motor. Today Xiaobian to tell you about the classification of DC motor.

DC Motor.jpg

1. DC generators
A DC generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into direct current. It is mainly used as DC motors, electrolysis, electroplating, electric smelting, charging and alternator power supply and other required DC motor.

2. DC motor
A device that converts DC power into mechanical energy. The motor stator provides a magnetic field, and the DC power supply supplies current to the windings of the rotor, and the commutator keeps the torque of the rotor current and the magnetic field constant.

3. Brushless DC motor is popular in recent years, high switching frequency, low power consumption of new power electronic devices, as well as the optimization of control methods and low-cost, high-energy level of permanent magnet materials and the development of A new type of DC motor.

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