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DC deceleration motor for vehicle chassis of use

Jan 20, 2018

DC deceleration motor for vehicle chassis in use, we actually have to pay attention to it, it can not exceed the altitude of more than 1000m. Ambient temperature is concerned, that is, attention should not exceed +40 ℃; automotive chassis DC gear motor operating environment should not be acidic, alkaline or other gases that have a corrosive effect on insulation.


Automotive chassis DC gear motor from the static rectifier power supply, you can also use the DC generator for power supply; standard excitation voltage is 180V, then speaking, for it to allow forcibly excitation, the voltage is also to be careful not to Over 500V. And in terms of DC braking to a large extent, it will apply to three-phase asynchronous motor power is 50-100KW.


DC deceleration motor for vehicle chassis in the use of more stable, and there will be no impact of the impact, the next, we actually want to pay attention to its parking is also more accurate, it is more common that will include Knitting, sewing, lifting or hoisting machines; brake motor should be started before starting to eliminate due to external factors caused by irregular rotation, such as large fans and so on.


Automotive chassis DC geared motor in use, it is to a large extent it is necessary to note that it is necessary to set the starting frequency of DC braking and DC braking voltage, pay attention to follow certain principles. The first point is to ensure that you can eliminate the "crawling" of the drive system; DC brake motor chassis DC braking current can not exceed the rated current of the inverter.


DC deceleration motor for vehicle chassis DC brake settings, began to change to DC braking, when it comes to its starting frequency, the DC braking voltage applied to the stator winding because the stator winding DC resistance is relatively small, and The adjustment range of the DC braking voltage on the DC chassis of the automobile chassis is generally 0 to 10% of the DC voltage of the main circuit.