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DC deceleration motor speed control in the time to pay attention to what?

Jan 09, 2018

Speaking of DC geared motor speed, to a large extent that it will directly reflect the explosive power of the motor to maintain a suitable speed on the DC geared motor, for our use and our work is concerned Then it will be a great help, in view of this, how can we adjust a suitable speed, and its specific regulatory steps that need attention.


The DC geared motor speed control in the time, the first point of speaking, that is, we must pay attention to be disconnected from the power, then say, that is, we must pay attention to be open box machine, and then, that is, Will loosen its cover screws, remove its lid. This is followed by the main requirement that the hexagonal wrench be used to adjust each tension spring so that the best results can be achieved when the DC motor controller is in the run-out.


Furthermore, the DC geared motor in the governor time, if the starting time lever appeared jitter phenomenon, in this case, to go to a large extent it will explain the balance spring Of the tension is too large, this time, that is, we must pay attention to the above operation must be repeated before they can.


Next, the DC geared motor speed control, pay attention to access the power supply on its gate, in accordance with the controller's up or down keys, pay attention to the DC motor controller running up and down 90 degrees 4 to 5 times , If its rod on the time there jitter phenomenon, in this case, it would mean that the balance spring tension is not enough, this time, that is, the DC motor controller will run to a vertical state.


Finally, the DC geared motor in the starting lever, if its DC geared motor controller and DC geared motor controller does not work, in terms of this point, it means that the tension on the tension balance Insufficient, then, to adjust the tension spring state or increase the tension spring, until this motor controller to maintain the normal operation.