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DC motor how to stop the fire

Nov 04, 2017

DC motor in use in addition to the norms of the operation, we also need to grasp some basic knowledge, then even if there is a problem when the timely response, to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, so Xiaobian today to tell everyone What we are talking about is fire prevention that we need special attention.

1. Do not pile up any debris around the machine. In order to avoid fire, the proper distance between the DC motor and its starting device and combustible materials should be maintained.

2. Before starting the insulation resistance measurement should be qualified, so as to avoid formal operation, due to moisture insulation occurred between the phase short-circuit or ground burn and burn the motor.

3. Start, the strict implementation of the provisions of the number of start-up and start interval, try to avoid frequent start, so as not to overheat the stator winding fire.

4. During operation, the current and voltage shall not exceed the allowable range. The temperature, sound and vibration of the DC motor should be normal and no coke odor is generated.

5. Motor phase loss of operation, it should immediately cut off the power to prevent the motor running out of phase due to overload and fever.

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