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Design Characteristics and Selection Principles of Permanent Magnet DC Speed Reducing Motor

Nov 01, 2018

The permanent magnet DC speed reducing motor is a type of motor that facilitates speed regulation by changing the armature voltage. It is based on the “integrated” gear reducer, and each product has a complete series of reduction ratio specifications. By configuring permanent magnet DC motors of different powers and different speeds, it can become a specification of many geared motors, meeting the requirements of various torque and speed transmission equipment.


Because the permanent magnet DC speed reducing motor has reasonable design, complete varieties and specifications, sophisticated materials and excellent manufacturing, it is favored by domestic and foreign customers and widely used in various electric actuators, instrumentation and electric valves. As a common equipment, it is preferred to use a ferrite permanent magnet DC motor with high efficiency, low price and low temperature rise. Only when the performance requirements are strict, the volume is small, and the ambient temperature is high, the aluminum-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet is considered. DC motor or rare earth permanent magnet DC motor.


Since the maximum power output of the permanent magnet DC speed reducing motor is limited, it is important to select the power of the motor reasonably. In addition, when selecting the product specifications, consider: in the case where the power supply voltage is adjustable, the torque, the speed and the corresponding rating of the product can be selected according to actual needs, and the required speed can be obtained by changing the voltage; the power supply voltage is fixed. Occasionally, if there is no product with the appropriate specifications available, the appropriate specifications can be selected according to the torque, and the voltage and speed of the product can be adjusted appropriately.