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Double Worm Gear and Worm Reduction Motor Technical Quality and Operation Advantages

Sep 23, 2017

Double worm gear and worm reduction motor in the course of the operation is a power transmission mechanism, in use, the main use of the gear speed converter, the effective number of its motor speed to the desired number of revolutions, and then get a larger torque Institutions, in the current for the transmission of force and movement agencies, the application of the reducer is also quite extensive.

Double worm gear and worm reduction motor in all kinds of mechanical systems are able to see its traces, such products from the transport of ships, cars, construction with heavy machinery, machinery industry used in processing machinery and automated production equipment, to the daily Life in the common home appliances, watches and so on.

Double worm gear and worm reduction motor from the application of the power from the transmission to the small load, the precise angle of transmission can be seen in the application of reducer, and in industrial applications, the reducer has a slowdown and increase the torque function. So widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

Double worm gear and worm reduction motor with a compact structure and compact size Small and efficient equipment, the entire device heat exchange performance and heat fast, the entire equipment is very simple and flexible installation, equipment, superior performance and easy maintenance and repair.

Double worm gear and worm reduction motor in the process of running its speed is very smooth, the equipment appears small and durable, the whole product is strong and safe and reliable, equipment, while reducing the output torque, torque output ratio by motor Output by the speed reduction ratio, but be careful not to exceed the reducer rated torque.

Double worm gear and worm reduction motor is designed and manufactured according to technical quality standards. Products in line with national standards on the basis of parameters, learn from the advanced technology at home and abroad, a unique shape of the structure to high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, widely used in various types of industry production technology and equipment of the mechanical slowdown device, is the modern industrial equipment To achieve high torque, high speed than low noise, high stability of the mechanical slowdown control device the best choice.


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