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Double worm gear motor characteristics

Jan 06, 2018

When it comes to twin-worm gear motor, which is also a kind of power transmission mechanism, in this case, we actually should pay attention to it to a large extent, that is, the gear speed converter that will use the gear, direct The number of revolutions of the motor (motor) is decelerated to the number of revolutions that we need. In this case, a double-worm gear-reduction motor can obtain a relatively large torque mechanism.


And the dual worm gear motor for the moment, that is, will be used to transmit power and movement among the institutions, and the scope of application of this reducer equipment, it would be quite wide range. On the dual-worm gear motor shown by the characteristics, that is, because of its mechanical structure is very compact, followed by the volume of its shape are very light, with small and highly efficient features.


Furthermore, the dual worm gear motor itself, the heat exchange performance in terms of words is better, in terms of its own thermal performance is very fast; in the installation of the simple, on its own Speaking words that is, will have a flexible and agile and its superior performance characteristics, to facilitate its maintenance and overhaul; running smoothly, the noise is small, with durable features; performance is very strong, safe and reliable performance is very Big.


Then, when using double worm gear motor, it is necessary to pay attention to firmly installed on the machine, it can not appear loose phenomenon. In this process, some must pay attention to confirm the reducer's steering is not correct, this time that is, you can intermittently install the operation.


Finally, on the use of dual worm gear motor, we actually should pay attention to its own terms, it can not be placed too long, in more than 3 to 6 months, but its oil seal and Not immersed in the lubricating oil, then this time is to pay attention to double worm gear motor users to replace the oil seal.