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Double worm gear motor characteristics and installation

Nov 11, 2017

Double worm gear motor compared with ordinary worm gear motor, more than a transmission, and ordinary single-stage reducer speed ratio is 100: 1, and dual worm gear motor, you can reach 1000: 1, To meet the low speed of this requirement.


Worm gear motors are widely used in industries such as food, leather, textiles, glass, ceramics, chemicals, light industry and healthcare.


Double worm gear motor features:

(1) compact structure, small size, light weight and easy installation. During operation, smooth transmission is possible, and there is almost no running noise. Therefore, in the use of performance, it can be said to be safe and reliable, and, work efficiency.

(2) The use of high-quality aluminum alloy box for the manufacture, the general process is die-casting, therefore, the cabinet looks nice. In addition, the geared motor as a whole has very good heat dissipation, as well as a large bearing capacity.

(3) hollow output shaft structure, or other output methods, and, in the input mode, there are a variety of options.

(4) It is also very good in cooperation with other machinery and equipment because it can be combined in a variety of ways and is easy to implement.


Two installation methods

Double worm gear motor installation, there are two vertical and horizontal. Among them, in the horizontal installation, there are two types of upper and lower worm, but their transmission ratio is in the range of 1 / 80-1 / 10.

In the double worm gear motor horizontal installation, if the worm's peripheral speed is less than 4m / s, then it is better to use the next set, but pay attention to the problem of power loss. If the worm peripheral speed is greater than 4m / s, then, should be used on the type, this is more appropriate.

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