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Double worm gear motor description

Aug 21, 2018

The double worm gear reducer is specially made of high quality anti-wear material, with superior performance, reasonable structure, small size and high work efficiency. In practical applications, the double worm gear reduction motor is easy to install, easy to maintain and repair; and has a large transmission ratio range, large torque and high overload capacity.


Under normal circumstances, the double worm gear motor can maintain a smooth running state, low noise, durability, high reliability, safety and reliability. It should be noted that sun protection, anti-collision and rain protection measures should be taken when working outdoors. Also, place it on a flat or rigid support surface and avoid all foreseeable vibrations around it. It is best to pre-tighten the anchor bolts with a washer.


At the same time, it is necessary to store enough lubricating oil for the double worm gear motor casing and check it regularly. Also, considering the ambient temperature conditions, it is generally required to use when the ambient temperature does not exceed +40 °C. The double worm gear motor runs for the first time for 150 hours, and the oil should be replaced again. The oil change interval is about 4000 hours later.