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Double worm gear motor has high technology content and large bearing capacity

Nov 15, 2018

The double worm gear motor has a high technical content, and the helical gear is combined with the worm gear to improve the torque and efficiency of the machine. This series of products has complete specifications, wide speed range, good versatility, adapt to various installation methods, performance, safety and reliability, long service life, and implementation of international standards.

The surface of the double worm gear motor has a heat dissipation effect, and when used, the vibration absorption is strong, the temperature rises, and the noise is low.

The machine has good sealing performance and strong adaptability to the working environment. The transmission precision is high, especially suitable for working in places with frequent starting. It can be connected with various types of reducers and equipped with various types of motor drives. It can be installed in the 90-degree transmission operation position.

The key components of the double worm gear motor are made of high wear-resistant materials and subjected to special heat treatment, which has high processing precision.

The transmission is stable, the volume is small, the bearing capacity is large, and the service life is long. The reducer can be equipped with various types of motors to form an electromechanical integration, which fully guarantees the quality characteristics of the products.