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Dual worm gear permanent magnet DC geared motor has superior performance and fast heat dissipation

Jan 24, 2019

The double worm gear permanent magnet DC gear motor matches the DC governor when in use. Achieve stepless speed regulation, forward and reverse. The DC motor can be coaxially added with a brake, an encoder, a code wheel, or a double output shaft. Brake: power-off brake, energized brake, encoder: incremental encoder, absolute encoder.

Based on the parameters of the cylindrical worm gear of the double worm gear permanent magnet DC gear motor, it absorbs the advanced technology at home and abroad, and has a unique square box shape structure. The box body is beautiful and is made of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting. It has the following advantages: compact mechanical structure, small size, small and efficient, and hot.

Double worm gear permanent magnet DC geared motor has good performance, fast heat dissipation, simple installation, flexibility and lightness, superior performance, easy maintenance and repair, large transmission speed ratio, large torque, high overload capacity, stable operation, low noise and durability. Strong applicability, safety and reliability. A wide variety of motors are available, and speed control can be achieved. This product has been widely used in mechanical deceleration devices for production process equipment in various industries.