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Energy storage method and use of energy storage type motor

Oct 13, 2018

There are many types of energy storage motors, and different types of products are not only different in specifications and specifications, but also applicable in different ranges. As an indispensable key component in the switch electric energy storage operation, the energy storage motor is mainly used for closing and opening.


From the practical point of view, the energy storage type motor can use two different methods when storing energy: one is manual energy storage, and the other is motor energy storage. The ultimate goal of both energy storage is to stretch the spring and store the energy in the spring. Manual energy storage is generally only used during maintenance, or when there is no control power in an emergency.


The closing mechanism of the circuit breaker needs to have sufficient operating energy. In fact, the energy storage type motor of the energy storage mechanism stores the spring before the closing and stabilizes the mechanism at a dead point. When the closing mechanism is closed, the storage is made. The mechanism can be released from the dead point and quickly release the spring energy. At the same time of closing, the spring is stored for the opening spring. When the opening mechanism is tripped, the opening is completed. Therefore, it is necessary to store energy before closing, and energy storage motors are often used.