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Energy storage mode and detection method of energy storage motor

Oct 30, 2018

The energy storage motor can store energy in both the test position and the working position. For example, there is a energy storage switch on the panel of the switch cabinet. When the power supply is normal and it is automatic, the energy storage motor switch can automatically store energy after being closed. When the transfer switch is turned to manual, after the switch is closed, the manual operation can only be performed with the operating handle.


The travel switch is a limit switch that controls the position of the energy storage motor. When the motor storage energy is in place, the motor power is cut off. If the limit is too high, the energy storage of the mechanism is full. When the limit adjustment is too low, the motor energy storage is not full before the machine stops. The way to adjust the limit is to manually store the energy to find the correct position and tighten it.


In order to avoid the failure of the control switch of the energy storage motor, it is necessary to find it by the corresponding method. The search method is to measure the voltage or resistance with a multimeter. The measuring voltage method is that when the control circuit is energized, the multimeter is adjusted to the voltage level, and if there is a voltage, there is an open point between the two points. The measurement resistance method should pay attention to the on/off of the bypass. If there is a bypass parallel circuit, the end of the line to be tested should be disconnected.