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Energy storage motor energy storage system and operating requirements

May 17, 2018

During the operation of the energy storage motor, its secondary circuit effectively includes a DC power control switch, a stored energy motor control switch, and an energy storage motor. During the operation of the energy storage motor, the DC power control switch is mainly connected to the DC power supply. On the busbar, it is mainly used to cut off and close the total current when used.

To a certain extent, the energy storage motor is connected in series with the DC power control switch. During the operation, the energy storage motor control switch is connected in series between the energy storage motor and the DC power control switch. In the utility model, after the energy storage motor is separately controlled, the auxiliary plug can be prevented from burning due to a bad contact when the vacuum switch is sent to the "working position" from the "test position" or the "overhaul position", and the elimination of the secondary circuit can be avoided. Hidden danger.

During the operation of the energy storage motor, the energy required by people needs a strong time and space to a certain extent. In order to be able to reasonably use energy and improve energy utilization during the operation process, In the operation, it is necessary to use a device that collects and stores excess energy temporarily unused for a period of time, extracts it when it is used, or transports it to a place where energy is in short supply. This method is Energy storage.

The basic task of an energy storage system for energy storage motors is to a certain extent the temporal or local differences between the customer's energy supply and demand. There are two situations in which this difference occurs. One is caused by sudden changes in energy demand, that is, there is a peak load problem. Using energy storage methods can play a role in adjusting or buffering when the load change rate increases.

In part, energy storage motors have a lower investment cost than a peak load plant due to the energy storage system. Although energy storage devices have storage losses, the stored energy is the excess energy or new energy from the plant. It can still reduce fuel costs. The other is due to reasons such as primary energy and energy conversion devices. The task of the energy storage system (equipment) is to balance energy production, that is not only to cut the peak of energy output, but also to fill the output. Trough (ie fill the valley).