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Energy Storage Motor for Breaker Introduction and Principle

Aug 12, 2017

In modern life, we often use a variety of energy storage motor. For example, with the automatic reclosing function of the circuit breaker in the circuit breaker energy storage machine with the help of the completion of closing after the energy storage, thus completing the rapid reclosing function.

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First, what is the energy storage motor for breaker?
The so-called energy storage motor for breaker, is what we call in the daily life of the "motor." The operating mechanism can be divided into two kinds, namely electric operation mechanism and electromagnetic operation mechanism. The former is generally used to drive the motor, mainly used in 400A and above large-capacity circuit breaker operating conditions. While the latter is driven by the electromagnet, mainly used in 100A, 225A and other small capacity of the circuit breaker.

Second, the energy storage motor for breaker what role?
In fact, the role of the energy storage motor for breaker is well understood, in general, its main role is to complete the closing and opening. Under normal circumstances, in the completion of a closing and opening, will be stored once.

Third, the energy storage motor for breaker energy storage principle is what?
The circuit breaker can be stored in two different ways to achieve energy storage, but no matter which way, its ultimate goal is to stretch the spring, so that the energy stored in the spring. One of the energy storage methods is manual energy storage, the other is the motor energy storage. The former is normally used at the time of overhaul, or in emergency situations where there is no control of the power supply.

For the circuit breaker, it is in the process of closing or opening, in fact, need to be sufficient to support the operation of energy. The circuit breaker can be stored in the spring before the spring energy storage and stability of the mechanism at a dead point, when the closing mechanism closing, the energy storage mechanism from the dead point and the rapid release of spring energy, in order to achieve closing. Therefore, we must have energy storage to achieve closing.

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