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Energy storage motor for breaker requirements and internal mechanical design

Sep 21, 2017

Energy storage motor for breaker in the use of the process is mainly used in the DC system has a battery, the accident state of the AC disappeared, the DC operation switch can be restored by the battery operation to send power or disconnect the switch, the AC operation switch will need to pass into the Line PT conversion to achieve the operation power to achieve closing, power failure can not be opened, security, economic are not as good as DC operation.

Energy storage motor for breaker in general is the use of AC and DC equipment, the energy storage is the completion of energy storage, the energy can be used to provide the required energy to close, sub-gate has a sub-gate spring, but His strength is much smaller. Spring to complete the energy storage to the energy release time is not long, usually within 10 seconds.

Energy storage motor for breaker sub-closing speed is a range, is the need to consider the spring fatigue problems, will not affect the normal opening of the circuit breaker, closing state when the energy storage indicator shows the energy storage is completed Energy storage is completed, is to be able to close the next time to prepare, save energy storage time.

Different internal mechanical design of the circuit breaker is different, some do not need to sub-gate spring, the body is able to start by tripping, static contact, and some need to sub-gate spring. Bluntly, that is, different brands of circuit breakers with their own institutions.

Energy storage motor for breaker, although the closing energy storage is completed, because the circuit breaker allows automatic reclosing. Why the need for automatic reclosing it, mainly because some overhead lines and other short-circuit fault is temporary, for the circuit breaker and the line is not insulation hazards, so the need to quickly restore power supply to ensure continuity of power supply, reducing the power strip To the loss.

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