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Energy storage power of motor for spring operating mechanism

Mar 24, 2018

The spring-operated mechanism motor is a relatively new circuit breaker operating mechanism, and the appearance of such an operating mechanism has played a significant role in improving the overall performance of the circuit breaker. The main reason is that the traditional electromagnetic operating mechanism is subject to certain restrictions in increasing the closing speed, and its closing power is also relatively large, which requires a relatively high power supply.

The main indicators of the spring operating mechanism motor meet and exceed the relevant standards to a certain extent, the operating mechanism closing spring and the motor energy storage and manual energy storage two kinds, the sub-gate operation has a sub-gate electromagnet, over current trip There are three types of electromagnets and manual button operation. There are two types of closing solenoids: closing solenoid and manual button.

When the motor of the spring operating mechanism is used to operate the motor, the motor provides energy storage power, and is effectively reduced through its two-stage gears to drive the energy storage shaft to rotate to realize energy storage for the energy storage spring. When the spring energy storage is in place, the rocker pushes the limit switch. Cut off the motor power supply.

The operating mechanism of the motor of the spring operating mechanism is stored in the energy storage state after the energy storage is completed. If the device is ready for closing, the closing coil can be energized, and then the electromagnet operates, the energy storage maintaining state is released, and the closing spring quickly releases energy. Complete the closing action.