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Energy storage time and type of manual energy storage motor

Apr 11, 2019

The time for energy storage of the manual energy storage motor is divided into two situations: One is to use the energy storage button, first press the energy storage button, the energy storage can be closed after pressing, called “pre-storage energy”, and the other is Direct start, that is to say, the energy storage and closing are automatically completed after the closing button is pressed.


Manual energy storage motors are commonly used in circuit breakers, which are currents that can close, carry and break currents under normal circuit conditions and can be closed to carry and break abnormal current conditions within a specified time. Switching device. Circuit breakers can be used to distribute electrical energy, start asynchronous motors infrequently, and protect power lines and motors.


The manual energy storage motor in the circuit breaker generally chooses more DC and less AC. That is because the DC system has a battery. The AC power disappears in the accident state. The DC operation switch can restore the power transmission or disconnect the switch through the battery operation. The AC operation switch Then, it is necessary to obtain the operating power through the PT conversion of the incoming line to achieve the closing, and it cannot be opened after the power is lost. The safety and economy are not as good as the DC operation. However, many energy storage motors are generally used for both AC and DC.