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Flexible rotation and operation requirements of permanent magnetic DC speed down motor

May 30, 2019

In the process of permanent magnetic DC speed down motor, if there is no special description of the product, under normal circumstances, its permanent magnet DC motor is not allowed to reverse the braking operation under the rated voltage, otherwise the permanent magnet will be demagnetized, if it is necessary When operating in this mode, a current limiting resistor is added to limit the current.


The permanent magnet DC gear motor first needs to check the appearance of the motor during operation. There should be no scratches, bumps and coating peeling off during the operation, and then the rotating shaft should be able to rotate flexibly without obvious jamming. Check that the motor wiring is secure and energized. There should be no friction during the rotation of the motor, the most prominent of which is bearing friction. When the bearing wears, it will emit an abnormal sound, and a local overheating rise will occur.


The attention of the permanent magnet DC geared motor is due to the excessive current, temperature change and magnetic circuit demagnetization caused by the open circuit of the magnetic circuit during disassembly and assembly. Especially for the AlNiCo permanent magnet motor, the permanent magnet magnetic circuit should be magnetically shorted during disassembly and assembly. Protection, otherwise it will be magnetized separately after demagnetization.