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Function and Performance Evaluation of Circuit breaker buffer

Mar 02, 2018

From a practical point of view, after the circuit breaker is used, it can effectively absorb the closing or the remaining kinetic energy when the closing gate approaches the end, so that the moving part rapidly changes from a high speed moving state to a quiescent state. At present, the most common bumpers mainly include four types: (1) an oil bumper that converts kinetic energy into heat energy, and (2) a spring bumper that converts the kinetic energy into potential energy for storage and release if necessary . (3) rubber pad buffer, the product structure is simple, can kinetic energy into heat absorbed; (4) oil or gas coaxial buffer device.


In general, to evaluate the performance of a circuit breaker buffer, the main judge is based on capacity and buffer efficiency. The capacity of which mainly refers to the shock absorber can absorb the kinetic energy of shock characteristics from the buffer point of view is the buffer. Stroke curve and axis surrounded by the area.


The buffer efficiency is mainly represented by the actual buffer capacity of the circuit breaker buffer, the ideal buffer characteristic curve is rectangular. In general, the higher the buffering efficiency, the more energy is absorbed by the same volume of buffer, which means that the breaker buffer performance is better.