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Functions and requirements of new automotive chassis motors

Jul 31, 2018

In order to meet the practical application requirements, the function and performance of the automotive chassis motor should meet certain standards. First, it should have a wide range of speed regulation, that is, the motor is required to output large torque at low speed, and it needs to have constant power output characteristics when cruising at high speed. Moreover, the new automobile chassis motor should be as high-density and light-weight as possible, which makes it easier to carry out space installation and vehicle weight design of the vehicle.


At the same time, the new car chassis motor should have high working efficiency, which helps to ensure the car's cruising range. And should help to improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle. It is also generally required to have high reliability and safety to ensure normal and safe use.


Specifically, it is required that the mechanical strength, shock resistance, cooling technology, electrical system and control system of the new automotive chassis motor must comply with the vehicle safety performance standards and regulations. In addition, the production cost of the new automobile chassis motor is required to be low, which meets the needs of mass consumer psychology.