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High-voltage switch safe use advantages and design requirements

May 22, 2018

Motor high-voltage switch belongs to a kind of high-voltage switchgear motor control device to a certain extent, in the process of production is mainly composed of the control device housing, the rotating pointer, the motor and the limit on the reed switch. A shaft seat is arranged in the middle of the housing of the control device. The shaft of the shaft seat is provided with a shaft, the motor is fixed on the motor support seat, the shaft on the upper end of the shaft seat is provided with a gear, and the shaft of the gear is driven at the upper end. The input of the reducer.

The output of the reducer of the high-voltage switch of the motor will effectively drive its rotation pointer and the ball indicator on the upper end of the rotation pointer to a certain extent. During the operation, the shaft of the lower end of the shaft seat will be provided with an umbrella. Gears, umbrella gears on the controlled gears of the umbrella gear drive, motor control relays controlling the operation of the motor are provided in the lower part of the control device housing.

The motor high-voltage switch can effectively meet its digital control requirements to a certain extent, and has the advantages of simple structure and compactness when used, which simplifies the mechanism components to some extent, so that the production cost can be reduced, and the use effect is good. The advantages of long service life and safe use.

The motor high-voltage switch is a box-type AC high-voltage vacuum switchgear. It is widely used in high-voltage motor start-up and switching operations, etc., and can be frequently operated in the process of operation, with reliable performance, long service life, and maintenance. Convenience. With a reasonable structure, safe and reliable, easy to operate, maintenance and other convenient features.

High voltage switch design requirements

The motor high-voltage switch is a metal-enclosed structure to a certain extent. In the process of production, its profile angle steel is mainly used for welding. The switchgear is double-sided maintenance, and the secondary components of the relay room are inspected in front, the operating mechanism, and the mechanical linkage. Lock and transmission parts, behind the maintenance of the main bus and cable terminals, cabinets with five anti-machinery joint sales.