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How should the two-stage reducer be maintained

Mar 26, 2020

How should the two-stage reducer be maintained

In the normal use of the two-stage reducer, the original accuracy will change with the working time. In order to maintain the stable working performance of the reducer, it is necessary to do daily maintenance. The lubrication performance of the worm gear reducer must be maintained well. This is an extremely important task in maintaining the reducer, because when the worm gear is working, the worm gear and the worm gear have a large relative sliding speed at the meshing point, causing great friction And heat, causing wear and gluing between the teeth.

Because the material of the worm gear is much softer than the material of the worm, when the gluing occurs, the metal on the surface of the worm gear will stick to the spiral surface of the worm, and the groove surface of the worm gear will be used to form groove marks. When the lubricating oil is not clean or the amount of lubricating oil is insufficient, and it is not replaced or replenished in time, it will affect the formation of oil film between metals. If the reducer is still forced to run under such poor lubrication conditions, not only will the frictional heat be increased, which will affect the transmission efficiency of the worm, but also the wear of the worm gear teeth will increase.

It can be seen that lubrication is the most basic condition to ensure the normal operation of the worm gear reducer, because the lubricant can form an oil film on the contact surface of the worm gear, thereby avoiding direct contact between metals and effectively reducing wear. This is to reduce wear, improve transmission efficiency, extend the life of the worm gear reducer, and ensure the smooth operation of the reducer.

The installation method of the two-stage reducer can be divided into two types of horizontal reducer and vertical reducer. Among them, the horizontal reducer is divided into two types of worm stop type and lower type. Its transmission ratio is generally 1/10 ~ 1 / Between 80. When the peripheral speed of the worm is less than 4m / s, the worm is usually used below. When the peripheral speed of the worm is greater than 4m / s, the form of the worm above is usually adopted. When the worm is down, the oil level should be lower than the root of the worm thread and not exceed the lowest ball center of the rolling bearing on the worm shaft to avoid increasing power loss. When the worm is on, the depth of the worm gear immersed in the oil is limited to the height of the super tooth.

The working place, transmission efficiency, load capacity, and lubricant grade used by the two-stage reducer must comply with the values specified in the reducer specifications. During the formal use of the worm gear reducer, the height of the lubricating oil surface should meet the design requirements. And check the oil supply situation of each lubricating point at any time. Check regularly for impurities, moisture, and viscosity changes in the lubricant. If it is found that the standard is exceeded or the standard is not met, the lubricant should be disposed of in a timely manner. The bearing and the oil pool should be carefully washed while changing the lubricant. In the normal operation of the worm gear reducer, it is necessary to check the temperature of the bearing and the oil pool, and the noise of the reducer. If an abnormal situation is found, stop looking for the cause immediately, and then put it into use again after eliminating the abnormality.