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How the motor of the spring operating mechanism works

Oct 18, 2018

The appearance of the motor for the spring operating mechanism has a great positive effect on the overall performance of the circuit breaker. Because the traditional electromagnetic operating mechanism is limited in increasing the closing speed, its closing power is also large, and the power supply requirement is high. The manual or electric operation of the motor used by the spring operating mechanism has both a high closing speed and an automatic reclosing.


At the same time, the spring operating mechanism motor can be used to operate the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage switchgear and other types of vacuum circuit breakers. The performance meets the relevant requirements, and the main indicators meet and exceed the IEC standard. The operating mechanism closing spring has two kinds of motor energy storage and manual energy storage; the opening operation has three kinds of opening electromagnet, overcurrent tripping electromagnet and manual button operation; the closing operation has closing electromagnet and manual button. Kind.


For the spring operating mechanism, the closing busbar mainly supplies power to the spring operating mechanism motor, and the current is not large, so the difference between the mother and the mother is not too large. Protection is in line with it, and there is generally no special need to pay attention to it. The closing spring and the trip spring are independent. The energy storage mechanism generally only stores energy for the closing spring, and the trip spring generally relies on the closing action of the circuit breaker to store energy.