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How to assemble and disassemble the DC motor?

Nov 21, 2017

When the electrical energy is converted into the mechanical energy, the DC motor is a DC motor. When the mechanical energy is converted into the electrical energy, the DC motor is a DC generator.


Next, Huaxing Motor will introduce several problems about the assembly and disassembly of the DC motor.

1. Use the spring balance to measure the working pressure of each carbon brush, and each working pressure should be 15-25 Kpa. Release the spring, remove all carbon brush from the brush holder, disconnect the connection line between the brush yoke and the armature power supply and mark it.

2. Mark the brush yoke before removing it, and then take out the brush yoke carefully. Note that the brush yoke is prevented from scratching the surface of the phase changer when taking out. Put the brush yoke on the safety section to prevent damage.

3. Use the fish paper with appropriate width to wrap the whole surface of the commutator and tie it with white cotton tape to prevent subsequent work cutting its surface.

4. The motor drive end and non-drive end parts are distinguished and registered according to the disassembly sequence.

5. Carefully pull the motor armature out of the stator inside cavity and put it on the special bracket. Note that in the extraction of the armature, do not scrape against the armature winding, commutator and pole winding.