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How to ensure the DC gearmotors speed stability

Sep 28, 2017

Is the voltage stability directly affecting the use of the equipment? Especially as DC gearmotors by power to provide power equipment, then the use of time, how to ensure that the use of the voltage is stable?

1, the generator is an automatic excitation device, because it has a good excitation characteristics, with constant reactive power, constant power factor and other adjustment methods, the generator power system stability and dynamic has also been improved.

2, in the DC gearmotors resistance at both ends in parallel with a suitable resistance, according to the resistive load in the heat after the resistance changes in the nonlinear resistance characteristics, so that the field resistance and excitation characteristics of the beginning of a larger angle, A significant intersection with the no-load characteristic curve, so that the DC gearmotors at a lower voltage will also have a stable operating point.

3, can be put in the pole under the pole of the benign material, so that the excitation magnetic field gap narrow, so that in the case of small excitation current can make the output saturation characteristics, so to ensure the stability of the output voltage.

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