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How to make the voltage of permanent magnet DC reduction motor stable?

Dec 07, 2017

Now the permanent magnet DC reduction motor is more and more popular. This is because the permanent magnet DC reduction motor is made in combination with international technology requirements, with high scientific and technological content. For the users, the product not only has low energy consumption and superior performance, but also the efficiency of the reducer is more than 95 %.


More importantly, under normal circumstances, the permanent magnet DC reduction motor has very little vibration and low noise during the operation. And it has good environmental protection and energy saving effect. From the production aspect, the product is made of high quality steel material, rigid cast iron box, gear surface after high frequency heat treatment. And in the actual time, the serialization and modularization design thought are specially used. This makes the product itself has strong adaptability, and can choose any rotational speed and various structural forms according to the actual requirements.


However, in the actual use of the permanent magnet DC reduction motor, the voltage stability will directly affect its use effect. So how to ensure voltage stability during the use? First, the generator automatic excitation regulator should be selected because the device has a variety of adjustment methods such as constant reactive power and constant power factor, so it can maintain the stability of the system very well.


Secondly, in the use of permanent magnet DC reduction motor, if the  voltage is low, then the  resistance with certain resistance can be parallel at both ends of the resistance. This can make the field resistance line and the excitation characteristic starting section have a larger intersection angle, and get a clear intersection point with the open-circuit characteristic, so as to maintain the voltage stability.


In addition, we should pay attention to the details of operation, and to properly adjust the parameters and so on. Alternatively, the good magnetic materials can be padded under the pole boot of the permanent magnet DC reduction motor. This is to reduce the field excitation gap, so as to ensure the stability of the output voltage.