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How to protect the DC Motor

Sep 26, 2017

When we use the DC motor during the protection of improper, it may appear abnormal situation. Here Xiaobian with everyone to understand how to protect the DC motor.

1, DC motor applications range, usually working in the environment is extremely bad occasions, such as humidity, high temperature, dust, corrosion and other occasions, so you need to build a more standardized in the motor to strengthen the management of equipment.

2, the protection of the principle of selection is to make the DC motor to fully play the overload capacity, but also from damage, but also improve the reliability of electric drive system and production continuity.

3, the choice of DC motor to pay attention to practical, must choose a cost-effective, reliable, safe DC motor, the first should meet the functional reliability, such as over-current, phase-off function must be on a variety of occasions, various processes, The occurrence of over-current, phase can be reliable action.

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