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How to reduce the noise of permanent magnet DC gear motor

Jul 28, 2018

Usually in the process of production operations, mechanical equipment often produces large noise during operation. The same is true for permanent magnet DC geared motors. How do we reduce the noise of permanent magnet DC geared motors? In the case of mechanical noise, it is usually referred to as hard friction noise due to wear and lack of oil in the motor bearings.


In this case, we need to add the right amount of grease after cleaning to reduce the running noise. When the rotor shaft and the bearing are loose or the end cover is loose, the permanent magnet DC gear motor also generates axial turbulence to generate noise when rotating. There are some motors with poor assembly quality. Because the bearing chambers are not concentric, the radial gap of the motor is uneven. In this case, as long as the outer cover and the rear inner cover are removed, the rotor and the stator base are taken out, and the center shaft of the inner cover is re-knocked for emergency repair.


In short, when it is found that the permanent magnet DC gear motor has noise, we should carry out maintenance inspection in time, so as to avoid accidents and extend the service life.