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Inspection standard for motors for switch cabinet motor

Jan 10, 2019

During the operation of the circuit system, the motor for the switch cabinet motor needs to be regularly inspected. The first is to check that the temperature rise of each part of the motor is not allowed to exceed the allowable value. The second is to check the vibration of the motor, whether the bearing has abnormal sound, whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage, the appearance has no water mark, and the motor base is fixed.


At the same time, please pay attention to check and confirm that the motor of the switch cabinet motor is well grounded, the surrounding ventilation conditions are perfect, and check whether the fan and the hood are damaged. Check the smell of the non-insulating paint around the motor, and whether the heat dissipation air duct of the motor body is blocked. Check if the motor cooling fan is running normally and the cooling air duct is clear.


Under normal circumstances, the maximum allowable temperature of the motor for the switch cabinet motor cabinet is 75°C for Class A insulation, 80°C for Class E insulation, and 85°C for Class B insulation. Class F insulation is insulated with Class B insulation. The general operating temperature should be within 65 °C. The sliding bearing temperature must not exceed 75 °C. The rolling bearing temperature must not exceed 85 °C.