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Introduction to the processing technology of hard tooth surface reducer

Mar 16, 2020

Introduction to the processing technology of hard tooth surface reducer

Compared with ordinary reducers, the main advantages of hard toothed surface reducers are high transmission efficiency, strong bearing capacity, flexible ratio, convenient combination, simple installation, reasonable cost, and modular design. This series reducer adopts special steel, and the surface hardness of the gear reaches over 45HRC after special treatment process. The properties of the hardened layers obtained by different process methods are very different. Below we briefly introduce the different characteristics of various processes.

1. Nitriding or nitrocarburizing on the surface of reducer gear. The depth of the hardened layer of this type of reducer gear is shallow (usually 0.5mm), and its hardness is 550HV (52HRC). Its carrying capacity is limited, and the local overload capacity of the nitrided hardened layer is small, and the nitriding process cost is high, so it is rarely used. Nitrided reducer gears can not be quenched, so the deformation is very small, and they are generally used on internal reducer gears and spline ring gears that cannot use the grinding process.

2. The reducer gear with hard tooth surface with intermediate frequency or high frequency induction hardening and flame hardening has obvious interface between the hardened layer and the core of the non-hardened layer, the hardness gradient is large, and the surface hardness is low (about 55HRC). The root hardening performance and bearing capacity are not ideal.

3. The surface of the reducer gear is carburized before quenching. The surface hardness of the reducer gear processed by this process is high (58HRC ~ 62HRC), the hardened surface of the tooth surface is uniform, and the hardness from the surface to the inside decreases only insignificantly (determined by the retained austenite). The hardness gradient from the hardened layer to the core is small, and it has the best resistance to peeling of the hardened layer. Therefore, the carburized hardened layer has a high bearing capacity and is widely used.

Whether it is a hard toothed surface reducer or a secondary envelope worm gear pair, in addition to advanced and reasonable design, high-precision manufacturing, assembly, and comprehensive performance testing guarantees, correct assembly is important to ensure long life and safe and reliable operation of the gearbox. Link