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Judgment and Control of Current for AC / DC Motor for Circuit Breaker

Jul 01, 2017

A simple understanding of the AC/DC motor for circuit breaker is that it is one of the motors, except that it is used on a circuit breaker and that it can be either DC or AC. So, will this motor, called the circuit breaker AC/DC motor, then, for this kind of motor, we should have some preliminary understanding of it? Next, will give a specific answer, so that we clearly understand.

1. For the AC/DC motor for circuit breaker, its control power, is the DC or AC? In addition, by which, can you make the right judgment?

For the circuit breaker motor , the control power supply, it is either AC or DC, because it is AC and DC dual-use. Moreover, generally in the motor energy storage circuit, will be added rectifier bridge. And through the panel on the motor nameplate, you can come to the right to judge. In addition, there may be other easy ways.

2. Why is the AC/DC motor for circuit breaker, its AC and DC, whether there will be some specific differences? In addition, how to achieve the exchange of positive and negative control?

Circuit breaker with AC motor and DC motor, its in different states, there will be a certain difference, mainly for: its DC, will configure the battery. When a problem occurs, use the DC operation switch to restore power, or disconnect the switch. And its AC, it is through the line PT, to achieve some of its specific operation. So that this kind of motor will be used in order to achieve the above two functions.

Circuit breaker AC/DC motor, you want to achieve the exchange of positive and negative control, in fact, very simple, the main line exchange, you can. However, it should be noted that, if it is to change the direction of change, then, not the exchange of thread, but in the motor to install dual capacitors and double contactor, so that there is a good use of purpose.

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