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Low noise of the speed down motor and its range of applications

May 28, 2019

The speed down motor mainly adopts the coaxial helical gear reducer structure during operation, which is compact, small in size, beautiful in appearance and strong in overload resistance. The transmission ratio is finely graded, the selection range is wide, and the rotational speed type spectrum is wide, and the range is i=2-28800. Low energy consumption, superior performance, speed reducer efficiency of up to 96%, low vibration and low noise.


The variability of the geared motor is strong, the use and maintenance are convenient, and the maintenance cost is low. Especially in the production line, only a few internal transmission parts can be spared to ensure the maintenance of the normal production of the whole line. The new sealing device has good protection performance, strong adaptability to the environment, and can work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.


Range of geared motors


The deceleration motor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, light industry, chemical steel, cement, printing, sugar, food, silicone, pickles, construction, lifting and transportation, wind turbines and other industries, and can be used to introduce equipment.


When the speed reduction motor is selected during the working process, its motor is selected and the final output speed is fixed. However, in actual use, there are many occasions where the speed is required to vary, such as the spindle speed of the lathe, the stirring shaft speed of various agitators, and the conveyor speed when conveying different items.