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Magnetizing requirements for permanent magnet DC motor for switch cabinet

Sep 04, 2018

The permanent magnet DC motor is a widely used motor. The permanent magnet DC motor for switch cabinet is one of them. The commutator is equipped with a brush, which can convert the external DC power into the alternating current in the armature coil. The direction of the electromagnetic torque is constant.


Different applications of permanent magnet DC motors require different performances. Different performances depend on the electromagnetic structure parameters inside the motor. In terms of magnetic parameters, different air gap magnetic field distribution shapes are required. For the permanent magnet DC motor for switch cabinet, its performance requires high output power and efficiency. Therefore, the internal air gap magnetic field distribution of the machine should adopt a flat top wave equal to or slightly larger than 2/3 pole pitch. The magnetic flux is as large as possible, so that the motor has a large electromagnetic torque.


To obtain the waveform of the air gap magnetic field with different distribution shapes, it is not only related to the rational design of the shape of the magnet structure and the magnetic orientation of the selected magnet, but also related to the magnetization mode of the magnet, that is, the magnetization technology design. The structure of permanent magnet DC motor for switch cabinet will be more complicated, the calculation structure will be more precise, and the manufacturing process will be more advanced and applicable. These complex problems require the application of multidisciplinary theory and systems engineering to optimize the design, improve cost performance, and promote the further development of disciplines and industries such as motors.