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Main advantages and maintenance contents of DC deceleration motor for earthing switch

Dec 25, 2018

For the user, the biggest advantage of the DC geared motor for the grounding switch is that during its operation, the actual operating speed can be arbitrarily controlled within a large range. Moreover, compared with the AC speed control system, the speed control system composed of the DC switch motor with the grounding switch has the advantages of good speed regulation performance and simpler structure of the converter device in the application.


Proper maintenance is required during the use of a DC geared motor with a grounding switch. Since the bearing cap is the axial position of the fixed shafting component and is subjected to the axial load, both ends of the bearing housing bore are closed by the bearing cap. The second is to pay attention to the oil level indicator, check the height of the oil level in the oil tank of the reducer, and always keep the oil pool with the right amount of oil.


During the use of the DC geared motor for the earthing switch, it should be noted that each time the cover is removed, the accuracy of the bearing housing hole must be maintained, and the connection between the cover and the box seat needs to be completed before the bearing hole is finished. Fit the corresponding locating pin on the flange.