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Main insulation items of energy storage motor for breaker

Apr 28, 2018

The circuit breaker energy storage motor is mainly composed of a stator, a rotor and other accessories during the manufacturing process. The stator core is a part of the magnetic circuit of the motor in the process of use, and a stator winding is placed on the stator core. The main structure of the circuit breaker energy storage motor is that the stator core is generally made of 0.35-0.5 mm thick silicon steel sheet with an insulating layer on the surface, laminated and pressed to form a uniform distribution groove in the inner circle of the core for inserting the stator. Windings.

The semi-closed groove of the energy storage motor for breaker has high motor efficiency and power factor during the operation, and it is difficult to use the embedded wire and insulation during use. Generally used in small low-voltage motors. Semi-open slot: can be embedded molding winding, generally used for large, medium-sized low-voltage motors. The so-called molded windings can be pre-insulated and then placed in the slots.

The open slot of the energy storage motor for breaker is mainly used for inserting and molding the winding when used, and the insulation method is convenient. It is mainly used in high voltage motors. When it is used, its main function is the circuit part of the motor, which is connected to three-phase alternating current to generate a rotating magnetic field.

There are three main insulation items for the stator winding

1. Insulation to ground: Insulation between the stator winding as a whole and the stator core.

2. Interphase insulation: Insulation between the stator windings of each phase.

3. Insulation between turns: insulation between turns of each stator winding.

Wiring of the energy storage motor for breaker inside the box

There is a wiring board in the circuit breaker energy storage motor. When it is used, the six wire terminals of the three-phase windings are arranged in two rows, and the number of the top three wiring posts arranged from left to right is 1 (U1). 2 (V1), 3 (W1), the following three wiring piles arranged from left to right numbered 6 (W2), 4 (U2), 5 (V2), the three-phase windings connected to a star connection or Triangle connection.

Energy storage motor for breaker base

The base of the circuit breaker energy storage motor is usually a cast iron part, and the large-sized asynchronous motor base is generally welded with a steel plate, and the base of the micro-motor is made of cast aluminum. Outside the enclosure of the enclosed motor, there are heat dissipation ribs to increase the heat dissipation area. Both ends of the cover of the protection type motor have vent holes to allow direct air convection inside and outside the motor to facilitate heat dissipation.